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Spay - Neuter Program:

Please call 843-572- 2144 to schedule this lifesaving surgery for your pet.

The Doc Williams SPCA is committed to reducing the number of unwanted animals born in this County each year, and to improving the quality of pets' lives. Spaying (female dogs and cats) and neutering (male dogs and cats) are surgical procedures that ensure the animal cannot reproduce. In a city, and a country, where too many animals wait for too few homes, spaying and neutering is part of responsible pet ownership. Spaying and neutering have many benefits for the altered animal in addition to reducing the numbers of unwanted pets.

*Dogs are required to have rabies vaccine. If they are not up to date they will be given a vaccination at time of surgery.



Spay (female) Canine: $110

Rabies Vaccine $10

Over 80LBS $30 Over 100LBS $50

DA2PP Vaccine $15

Neuter (male) Canine: $95

Bordetella Vaccine $15

Cryptorchid- $20-$40 Per testicle

Heartworm Test $30

Micro-Chip: $35 

You must bring proof of rabies shot. Tag is not proof; you must bring in proof from your vet.

*Cryptorchid means that one or both of the scrotal sacks have not dropped and are still somewhere inside the body.



Feline Spay: $85

Feline Neuter $60

Rabies Vaccine $10

FVRCP Vaccine $15

FELV test $30

Microchip $35


*Cats are required to have a rabies vaccine. If they are not up to date they will be given a vaccination at the time of surgery. Tag is not proof, you must bring proof from your vet.

Altered pets generally live longer, have fewer health problems related to reproduction, are easier to train and live with, and have less desire to roam (and be hit by cars or lost). Altered male dogs and cats are less likely to engage in frustrating urine marking behaviors, and tend to be less aggressive; the vast majority of serious dog bites are inflicted by unaltered male dogs. Altered females do not go into season ("heat"), saving lots of frustration for their owners. Unaltered pets have a higher incidence of preventable reproductive cancers, and the chances of these cancers occurring increases as the pet ages.

In addition to the above benefits, having an altered pet means peace of mind for the responsible owner, who knows his or her pet will never contribute to the pet overpopulation crisis. If your pet was adopted from Doc Williams, he or she has already been altered. If your pet did not come from us, we do perform spaying and neutering by appointment only in our Clinic. Below are the prices for these procedures.

Can my pet be too old to spay or to reproduce?

Surgical sterilization is surgery requiring anesthesia. Older pets may react negatively to anesthesia, which would be the main reason to use caution when altering an older pet, although the benefits of spaying and neutering, in general, far outweigh the negatives. If the optimal "window" for altering the pet is missed, the surgery can still have beneficial effects up to a certain amount of years. Dogs and cats do not experience "menopause" like humans and can reproduce throughout their life span. However, they do become less fertile as they age. Often, by this time, unspayed females will have experienced complications due to the fact that they are unspayed. Depending on the animal's age, it still may be beneficial to have the animal spayed in the later years. Discuss your concerns or questions with your vet.


Doc Williams Spay and Neuter Clinic
107 St. James Ave. Goose Creek SC 29445

By Appointment only 

Surgeries are done on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

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